Animal Collisions: A Guide To Restoring Chipped, Cracked, & Scratched Vehicle Paint

Along with sharing the road with other vehicles, many rural areas have animals constantly using the road as a crossway. In some cases, it may be hard to avoid larger animals like deer, moose, or wild turkey. If an animal makes contact with your vehicle, it could result in significant damage. A lot of this damage can actually occur to the car's paint job. Before you start getting estimates from a local body shop, you may want to consider doing the painting and restoring yourself. By planning ahead, you have the ability to paint over the damaged areas and make your vehicle look new again. Use this guide to learn about the different preparation and painting options that you will have. Removing animal damage on your vehicle is easier than you think and doing it yourself can save you hundreds of dollars in labor costs.

Color Codes

The best way to have the most authentic paint restoration on your vehicle is to ensure that the color matches exactly. The first step in this process is going through a paint color coding website. These websites can provide you with the exact factory color of your make and model of vehicle. With this information, it makes it easy to order the exact paint kit that you need. You may also find the vehicle's color code on the initial paperwork and information that you received from the car dealer. This can help eliminate any guessing games and allow you to order the color that you need for painting.

Painting Locations

Having an ideal location for painting your vehicle can make a huge difference in the final product. Ideally, you want to have an indoor location like a garage to paint the vehicle. A garage eliminates elements like wind and rain. Those elements can impact the way the paint dries and create problems as you work. When working inside of a garage, you also want to make sure that the area is well lit. Adding extra lights can help you see small details and ensure that you are painting areas properly. The lights will also help eliminate any shadows that can create problems with seeing small scratches caused by animals.

Painting Tools

Painting a vehicle is not as simple as pulling out a brush and getting to work. The painting is typically done using a spray gun that can apply a need and even coat to the vehicle. The best way to have all of the tools for the job is by purchasing an auto paint kit. These kits not only include the paint needed for the vehicle, but they come with all of the necessary tools. When dealing with damage from animals, you typically want to search for a scratch and dent auto paint kit. Suction cups and small tools will help you pull out dents caused by the animals. The kit will also include small detailed painting tools to help cover up scratches or cracks in the paint. Kits will come with spraying applicators for primers, clear coats, and the paint itself. By following the directions, it's easy to complete the painting tasks and restore your vehicle.

Additional Vehicle Areas

The damage caused by an animal may have impacted more than just the basic body of the vehicle. Extra paint kits and supplies may be needed for other damaged areas. For example, you may need a tire painting kit to help restore the look and design of tires, rims, and hub caps on the vehicle. If your vehicle drove over an animal, then the undercoat may have been damaged. Undercoat paint allows you to easily restore the bottom of your vehicle and add protection to gas tanks, mufflers, and other exposed parts.

Once you learn how to paint your vehicle the first time, it will make it easier to complete the same tasks in the future. Starting with a kit is the best way to plan and learn about the different painting tools. Check out a company like Space Age Auto Paint Store to get started.