3 Ways To Save Money On Auto Body Repairs

Repairing your vehicle can often be a very stressful and frightening experience because vehicle repairs can often be among the costliest repair jobs out there. Listed below are three ways to save money on auto body repairs.

Get Paintless Dent Repair Whenever Possible

One of the most important ways that you can save a bit of money on auto body repairs is to get paintless dent repair whenever possible. The reason that you will want to get paintless dent repair is because that it will save you a lot of money on labor and material costs on smaller dents. The reason for this is that your auto body shop will not have to spend time sanding down the area around the dent, utilizing body filler, or even painting in the dent.

Check The Repair Shop's Certification

Another way to save money on auto body repairs is to check the shop's certifications. In particular, you will want to make sure that the shop is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

An ASE-certified mechanic or auto repair shop is going to be more likely to be able to perform quality repairs on your vehicle. If you go to a shop that is not ASE certified, there is a good chance the work may be sub par and you'll have to pay even more money to have the sub-par work redone in order to get your vehicle back to pristine condition.

Confirm Labor Rates Before The Work Is Performed

Finally, make sure that you confirm the labor rates before the work is performed on your vehicle and get those labor rates spelled out in your quote. You will want this documentation on hand in case the wrong labor rate is charged for the work.

For example, if you check your final invoice or receipt and see that the labor rate is higher than you were quoted in the beginning, you can use the documentation to have that mistake corrected. Now, this does not mean that the higher rate was charged because the auto repair shop is trying to rip you off. In many cases, an auto body shop will have multiple labor rates depending on the type of work that needs to be performed, so if you have the wrong labor rate on your receipt or invoice it simply could have been a mistake that can be easily rectified if you have the labor rate spelled out in detail on your original quote.

Make an appointment with a local auto body shop today in order to get a quote for the repair on your vehicle and to discuss the various tips that they would recommend that you follow in order to save a bit of money on auto body repairs. Getting paintless dent repair whenever possible, checking the repair shop's certification, and confirming labor rates before the work is performed are all great ways to save money on auto body repairs.