What Your Car Is Telling You With Its Smells

Your car has many ways it can go about warning you that there is trouble brewing. One of the ways it can let you know something is going on is by having a new smell. However, while not all smells mean trouble, any new smell you can't easily rule out should be immediately looked into by a mechanic. Here are some smells you may notice your car suddenly having and some of the reasons for them:

You suddenly smell gasoline

Your first thought upon smelling gasoline may be to panic, but you want to take a minute and think first. Did you just fill the car up? If so, did you happen to spill any of the gasoline while you were removing the gas nozzle? If so, then this is likely the problem. Make sure the car is turned off and look to see if there is still some wet gasoline on or near that part of the car. You'll also want to make sure the gas cap is on tightly to verify that this isn't the problem either. If this isn't the issue, then you want to have a mechanic come out and look at your car before you turn it on again. If you have a leak in the gas line then it needs to be fixed immediately for your safety.

You smell smoke from the motor

If you smell smoke coming from the motor you want to pull over right away in a safe place and immediately turn the car off and get out of it. Now, if you have just put oil in the car, is there a chance that you spilled oil? If so, then there is a good chance the smoke smell is the oil burning off the motor and it will stop once all the oil is off it. If this isn't the case, then you may have an oil leak that you will need to have located and fixed by a mechanic. A couple other reasons why you may be smelling smoke include a belt that is rubbing or there is another type of leak, such as from the radiator or another area.

You smell burning rubber

If you suddenly start to smell what smells like burning rubber coming from the car then it may mean you have an oil leak coming from a gasket that's allowing oil to come into contact with the exhaust manifold. This smell can also mean that a belt is rubbing somewhere. No matter what is causing the smell, you want to have the car looked at right away by a mechanic shop.

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