4 Auto Body Repair Tips to Deal with Ugly Bumper Damage and Mismatched Paint

If you have had a minor collision, sometimes the damage is just on the surface of the bumper and other plastic-like body parts. To repair these problems, these parts are often repaired with resin repair kits or completely replaced. This leads to another problem with paint tones and colors not matching. The following tips will help you deal with the ugly bumper damage and mismatched paint that may affect your car when repairing collision damage:

1. The Minor Damage to Plastics That Can Be Repaired with Resin Repair Kits

The plastics of your car can easily be damaged during an accident. Sometimes, this is just minor damage that may barely be noticeable. Use a plastic filler to repair the damaged plastic, and touch up paint that matches the factory codes to fix the damage and ensure it matches.

2. Replacing the Smaller Trim Parts That May Be Difficult to Repair Correctly

There are also smaller trim parts that may need to be replaced when doing repairs. It is often better to completely replace trim parts that may be difficult to repair with a filler material. This is because repairs to the small auto body trims are often visible and unsightly. Even if you do temporary repairs, you will want to visit an auto body repair shop to replace the parts to ensure the damage to your car is not visible.

3. Replacing Bumper Covers and Other Large Auto Body Parts That Have Been Damaged

The bumper covers of your car may have serious damage. Sometimes, a talented auto repair shop can repair the damage with fiber and resin, but these repairs are often visible and may not be the best solution. If you can find the bumper cover for your car, it is probably better to completely replace it when doing repairs. This is the same for other plastic-like body parts that are larger and need major repairs.

4. Dealing with Auto Paint That May Not Match Completely When Repairs Are Done

Auto body repairs often require paintwork that may not match well. This is due to the original paint fading so the new paint does not match it. The paint of your car can be waxed, buffed, and blended to help make repaired areas less visible. Another option is to use a different color or tone to create a different look for your car.

These are some tips to help deal with minor collision damage that can affect the appearance of your car. If you need help getting quality body repairs done after an accident, contact an auto body shop and talk to them about these repairs.