Things You Can Have Repaired At An Auto Body Shop

Auto body repair shops can help if your car has been in an accident, but that is not all they do. Many auto body repair shops offer cosmetic upgrades, paint services, and body repair or restoration for older vehicles. 

Collision Repair

Collision repair work is often the most common work performed at auto body repair shops, and for many shops, it is the most financially lucrative part of the business. Collision repair can be extensive and require new body panels and frame and chassis work. 

For many shops, collision repair is also the most stable part of the business. Because most collision repair is paid for by the insurance company, the auto body repair shop is almost guaranteed to get paid on time for the work, which can help keep the shop operating. 

Paint and Custom Work

A lot of auto body repair shops offer custom paint and bodywork for clients and can turn out high-quality work that makes the car stand out. Custom bodywork often means altering sheet metal, adding flares, or shaving door handles and other hardware from the car. 

The higher quality the bodywork is on the car, the more beautiful the paint will look once applies to the sheet metal. Poorly done auto body repair will show, and no amount of paint will hide it, especially if the car is outside in bright sunlight.

After the custom bodywork is done, the auto body repair shop will apply the new paint to the car for you. Sometimes a custom paint job is one solid color on the vehicle; other times, it can involve pinstripes or custom graphics on the vehicle as well.

Restoration Work

Some body shops specialize in restoring old cars, and the auto body repair that comes with that is often very extensive. If the original body has a lot of rust damage, the auto body repair service may need to cut out some of the original panels from the car and replace them. If new panels are not available for the car they are restoring, the shop may need to make new panels from scratch.

Restoration projects require strict attention to detail, and if the auto body repair shop you are working with needs to make the panels for your car, it can take more time to complete the work. If the panels are done correctly, it will be hard to tell what was replaced and the original steel. 

Working with a shop that specializes in this kind of auto body repair work is the best option when you want the final product to look as good or better than the car did originally. Contact a shop like Prime Body & Paint to learn more.