Why Have Your Car Entirely Repainted Following an Accident?

When you get collision repair service done on your car, you may want to consider having the entire vehicle repainted as part of the service. This is especially the case if you need to have doors, the hood, or the trunk covering replaced. Your collision repair service specialist will help you understand the benefits and importance of having your entire vehicle repainted following your wreck.

You have your car totally matching throughout

If you have to have dents pulled out, smaller areas repainted, and stock parts replaced on your car, the painted results or the parts put in may not match completely. This is particularly true if your car has been custom painted or if the paint color done on your vehicle was an upgrade and is no longer in production. While collision repair specialists have paint-matching tools and experts to make your car as smoothly finished as possible, if a majority of your vehicle has to be painted to complete the job, then you need to consider having the entire vehicle repainted to give the car a streamlined, even finish. Your collision repair service specialist will tell you how much they expect the cost to repaint your car should be. This estimate is called a good faith estimate. Though costs can vary for a repainting job, expect to pay upwards of a few thousand dollars and up to five grand or so to have your car painted professionally.

You have your car protected in new ways

The paint job on your car doesn't just make your car look beautiful, it helps protect your car against sun damage, moisture, and other interfering damage. The paint job on your car naturally fades with time, so if your car already had dents, peeling paint on the hood, rust, or other problems prior to your wreck, it's worth it to ask your collision repair service specialist to repaint your car in its current color or a new color of your choosing. Since your car is already being treated for damage, it's wise to have the paint job done at the same time. This way, the car you get back is shinier, prettier, and even more durable than it was prior to your wreck.

Your auto insurance company may cover some of the car's repainting job if it's related to the accident. The investment in your car with a new paint job can be quite beneficial all the way around, so ask your technician if they can include a car paint job in the collision repair you're having done.