4 Types of Damage To Be Aware Of When Buying A Vehicle That Has Been In A Wreck

Are you thinking about purchasing a vehicle that has collision damage? If so, the way you intend to use the vehicle needs to be taken into consideration. Sometimes individuals buy damaged vehicles with the intention of getting auto collision repair. However, others may want to buy wrecked vehicles to retrieve working parts. If your plans are to restore the entire vehicle, you should consider an inspection from an auto body shop. Vehicles involved in collisions may have hidden defects. Their appearance may look like minor damage, but a closer analysis could reveal significant underbody and frame damage. The following points identify a few things you might need to repair if you buy a vehicle with collision damage.


The presence of dents is unsightly. It can also mean that there is damage to the vehicle that has made it less safe in the event of another collision. Dented bumpers can negatively impact gas mileage and the handling of vehicles. If a collision results in hidden frame damage, it is possible for a vehicle to be driveable. However, the owner might experience premature tire replacements and other issues.

Rust Damage

When the paint on a vehicle gets compromised and the metal portion gets exposed, the metal is prone to rust. Early signs of rust on a vehicle need immediate attention because rust can spread. If a vehicle has been sitting for a while, the body may appear to have minor damage. However, the frame might have rust issues. Extremely rusted parts of a vehicle have to be replaced. 

Paint Damage

Rust is only one type of paint damage. Paint may also be damaged if a collision involves high temperatures from events such as a collision fire. Scrapes and scratches are types of cosmetic damage that need to be repaired with auto body painting services. Sometimes the body of a vehicle can be restored with repairs that may require new parts or refurbishing the original parts. A new paint job might be recommended to ensure a seamless repair. Partial paint may be ideal if it is a small part of the auto body such as a bumper replacement.

Windshield Damage

You might expect windshield damage to be obvious. However, a windshield might appear to be intact or have fixable damage at first glance. An auto body shop can inspect and may make a determination that the windshield needs to be replaced for safety reasons. Some luxury and newer model vehicles have sensors in the windshields. Minor damage to the glass or impact from a collision can damage the sensors even if there is not extensive glass damage. It is also possible for the perimeter of a windshield to have hidden damage that can lead to inner cabin leaks.