3 Tips For Vinyl Wrapping A Car

Do you want to add a custom vinyl car wrap to your vehicle, but do not know how to do it? It will help to know the following tips to get it done.

Get The Right Tools

Making the job easy requires having the right tools for the job. You'll want to have knifeless tape, which is a special type of tape that helps you create straight lines in the vinyl when you want to be very precise in how you create a straight edge. You should also have a razor knife, a squeegee, and a heat gun. Isopropyl alcohol is also good to have on hand to clean grease off your vehicle.

Practice With A Scrap Piece

Before you get started with applying the vinyl, it's a good idea to practice with a scrap piece of vinyl. Just take a small section and practice applying it to your vehicle, and then take it off. Try this on a curved piece of your vehicle, which will be more difficult than a flat hood or door panel. Practice using the heat gun to get the vinyl hot and using the squeegee to get out the air bubbles. You can keep reusing the same piece of vinyl wrap until you are comfortable. 

Know How To Use Knifeless Tape

There is a technique to using knifeless tape, it is also a good idea to practice on your vehicle with crap vinyl before you have to make a real cut. Start by placing the knifeless tape in the place where you want to make the cut. The knifeless tape should extend above and below the vinyl. You then apply the vinyl to the car like normal, with it overlapping the knifeless tape along where you want to make the cut.

The knifeless tape is made in three layers. There is a backing piece of tape, a thin wire in the middle, and then another piece on top. You snap the wire out of the tape so that it comes loose, then pull it backward as flush with the car as possible. The wire cuts through the tape and creates a clean-cut line. You then remove the discarded side of the vinyl and peel off the knifeless tape that is stuck to the vehicle. 

Does it seem too difficult to install a vinyl wrap on your own vehicle? Reach out to a company that offers custom car wraps for help.