Detailing Your Vehicle

Maintaining a vehicle can be a major undertaking, but it is a core responsibility for every vehicle owner. In addition to the need to keep the vehicle in mechanically sound condition, it is also important to preserve the appearance and overall condition of the vehicle. As a result, vehicle owners are likely to need a car detailing service. Does Detailing A Car Provide Any Practical Benefits For The Vehicle Or The Driver? Read More 

Why Have Your Car Entirely Repainted Following an Accident?

When you get collision repair service done on your car, you may want to consider having the entire vehicle repainted as part of the service. This is especially the case if you need to have doors, the hood, or the trunk covering replaced. Your collision repair service specialist will help you understand the benefits and importance of having your entire vehicle repainted following your wreck. You have your car totally matching throughout Read More 

Things You Can Have Repaired At An Auto Body Shop

Auto body repair shops can help if your car has been in an accident, but that is not all they do. Many auto body repair shops offer cosmetic upgrades, paint services, and body repair or restoration for older vehicles.  Collision Repair Collision repair work is often the most common work performed at auto body repair shops, and for many shops, it is the most financially lucrative part of the business. Collision repair can be extensive and require new body panels and frame and chassis work. Read More 

4 Auto Body Repair Tips to Deal with Ugly Bumper Damage and Mismatched Paint

If you have had a minor collision, sometimes the damage is just on the surface of the bumper and other plastic-like body parts. To repair these problems, these parts are often repaired with resin repair kits or completely replaced. This leads to another problem with paint tones and colors not matching. The following tips will help you deal with the ugly bumper damage and mismatched paint that may affect your car when repairing collision damage: Read More 

Will Your Insurance Cover Repairs For Minor Dings, Dents, And Scratches?

There's nothing like bringing a perfect new car home from the dealer, but that brilliant shine rarely lasts for longs. Minor damage to a car's paint and body is an inevitable part of any daily driver's life. Over time, scratches and dings accumulate under a wide variety of circumstances, from small parking lot collisions to careless passersby. You have probably accepted that your car's paint cannot stay perfect forever, but are there some situations where your insurance will cover the repair of these cosmetic nuisances? Read More