3 Ways To Save Money On Auto Body Repairs

Repairing your vehicle can often be a very stressful and frightening experience because vehicle repairs can often be among the costliest repair jobs out there. Listed below are three ways to save money on auto body repairs. Get Paintless Dent Repair Whenever Possible One of the most important ways that you can save a bit of money on auto body repairs is to get paintless dent repair whenever possible. The reason that you will want to get paintless dent repair is because that it will save you a lot of money on labor and material costs on smaller dents. Read More 

Animal Collisions: A Guide To Restoring Chipped, Cracked, & Scratched Vehicle Paint

Along with sharing the road with other vehicles, many rural areas have animals constantly using the road as a crossway. In some cases, it may be hard to avoid larger animals like deer, moose, or wild turkey. If an animal makes contact with your vehicle, it could result in significant damage. A lot of this damage can actually occur to the car's paint job. Before you start getting estimates from a local body shop, you may want to consider doing the painting and restoring yourself. Read More 

How Can You Protect Your Child From Being Locked In A Hot Car This Summer?

Whether you're planning a lengthy road trip or staying in town this summer, you and your young child are likely to be spending at least some time in the car. Unfortunately, even minor changes to your daily routine can put you at risk of forgetting that your child is riding with you, setting the stage for tragedy. In other cases, a curious child may accidentally lock him or herself in your vehicle along with your spare keys, giving you just minutes to break a window or climb through the trunk before interior temperatures reach the triple digits. Read More 

How To Avoid Heavy Equipment Repairs: Four Tips

Heavy equipment repair is a necessary part of owning a construction company or a snow removal service or running a town. However, if you take great care of your heavy equipment, you can reduce the need for repairs. Regardless of which type of heavy equipment you use, here are five tips to help you avoid repairs: 1. Protect your steering system. Most heavy equipment has a lot of weight on the front axles, and this can be hard on the steering system. Read More 

Family Road Warriors: 4 Things You Can Do To Make RV Repair Less Stressful While Traveling With Pets

Traveling in an RV for a family adventure offers a variety of benefits you can't take advantage of when you're flying or driving in a car and staying in hotels – optimal comfort is always at your fingertips, the kids and pets don't get bored as easily, and you can save some money on travel and hotel expenses. But sometimes accidents and breakdowns happen, and it's a good idea to be prepared so your trip isn't ruined or stressful on your family or the pets. Read More