How To Avoid Heavy Equipment Repairs: Four Tips

Heavy equipment repair is a necessary part of owning a construction company or a snow removal service or running a town. However, if you take great care of your heavy equipment, you can reduce the need for repairs. Regardless of which type of heavy equipment you use, here are five tips to help you avoid repairs: 1. Protect your steering system. Most heavy equipment has a lot of weight on the front axles, and this can be hard on the steering system. Read More 

Family Road Warriors: 4 Things You Can Do To Make RV Repair Less Stressful While Traveling With Pets

Traveling in an RV for a family adventure offers a variety of benefits you can't take advantage of when you're flying or driving in a car and staying in hotels – optimal comfort is always at your fingertips, the kids and pets don't get bored as easily, and you can save some money on travel and hotel expenses. But sometimes accidents and breakdowns happen, and it's a good idea to be prepared so your trip isn't ruined or stressful on your family or the pets. Read More 

Auto Body Collision And Repair: How To Fix Minor Scratches On Your Car

Getting an auto body collision and repair shop to fix minor scratches on your car may cost as much as $500. Most professional auto shops won't charge anything less than $150 to $200; however, you can easily attempt to repair the minor scratches yourself with some auto paint that cost $40 at most and several hours of time. By repairing minor scratches, you can restore your car back to its original beauty, and also increase its market value. Read More